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March 31st, 2018

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Finally, FINALLY we are on the road and heading back to Camp Cutlet. Today we packed the truck and we are headed north for a day trip to enjoy some Western New York fresh air and take a walk around our The Hill. Its b...

March 27th, 2018

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 Dean's last day cleaning up in Tennessee..for now anyways! It was a blast working with the whole fam! We need to give a HUGE thank you to Lanier Lawn & Landscaping, LLC. for providing the track loader and attachm...

March 25th, 2018

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Dean has arrived in Tennessee to help with some tornado clean up. Uncle J and the Fam had a lot of damage to their home as well as their entire woods flattened. It is an overwhelming mess, but we are mapping out a pla...

March 22nd, 2018

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Throw back Thursday! We are throwing it back to another crazy turkey hunt that we had 2 years ago. This is a self filmed hunt that should have been a piece of cake. Birds coming in strutting, they end up strutting int...

March 19th, 2018

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As we sit in the office today on a cold day here in Ohio we can't help but get excitied for turkey season. We were remeniscing on some of our old turkey hunts and wanted to show you all this one we called Funky Chicke...

March 17th, 2018

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HAPPY ST. PATRICKS DAY! Today is all green everything. That is why we a debuting our NEW green hoodies along with doing some inventory on our apparel and getting everything up on our website so it is available for pur...

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No Tomorrow

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Here it is. This is our submission to the Badlands Film Festival called, "No Tomorrow." This is the extended version! We had to cut it down to 10 minutes for the film festival but this is the original cut we did of th...

Black Friday Buck

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Black FRIDAY! Who is going shopping? Not us! Uncle J and Jami got back to Tennessee from a lengthy trip to Camp Cutlet and wasted no time hitting the woods. On this gorgeous black Friday Tennessee morning, it did not ...

September 28th, 2017

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We all remember the first deer we shot with our bow.  There is really nothing like it.  For some of us it takes years of hunting to finally get that opportunity.  Well, Jami got it done on her first night out with her...

North Dakota Highlights

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Well the time is finally here.  We are packing up and heading to North Dakota tomorrow.  We are as excited as we have ever been to start our season up there for the 5th year in a row!  We cannot wait to bring you ALL ...


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We started managing our property in New York 5 years ago.  All season food plots, leaving certain areas untouched, creating better access, and really pushing to let 2 year old deer go despite high hunting pressure on ...


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December 10th, 2016 - Tennessee.  On a frigid cold Tennessee morning Uncle J found himself rolling out of a warm bed and suiting up to hit the woods.  The rest of the crew was battling major snow squalls in New York b...

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