One and Done

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There is nothing like knocking down your first deer. Lucky for brother Joe, he didn't have to wait very long into his hunting career to get his first taste of putting some venison on the table. Come with us, and Joe...

Man Hunt Wednesday

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Sometimes you just have to let loose and go on an old fashion man hunt. This week, was one of those weeks. So, with that being said we came up with our own holiday. Its called, Man Hunt Wednesday. Man Hunt Wednesd...


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After Uncle J knocked down his best buck ever in Tennessee, "Shmitty", November 21st still wasn't over yet. David, Dean, and Papa TnB were heading up to New York to get the afternoon rifle hunt in. With a major snow...


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It is amazing how unpredictable the sport of hunting can be. We always say it is a roller coaster of highs and lows. Uncle J was having a season full of question marks. The biggest one being, when am I going to see...

The Chase

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Team Tag N' Brag gets back on the home turf in Ohio for the peak rut. November 11th and 12th were 2 of the craziest days of the year in the woods for David and Dean. See why on, "The Chase".


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The second half of our annual New York rut week had a surprise in store for us that none of us would have imagined.  Watch as we put the bows to the test and one of the biggest bucks to ever come off our land in New Y...

Rut On

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Cousin Jami has been the queen of youth season down in Tennessee for the last couple of years. This is her 2nd buck during youth season and 3rd buck all together as an 11 year old. This girl is cold blooded and she su...

First Meat

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After North Dakota we were anxious to get back and hunt on some home turf. Opening weekend in Ohio was uneventful but we did not waste time getting on the board in New York. Check out how our first couple hunts went o...

Hail Mary

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It is the 4th quarter on our early season hunt in North Dakota.  We have been inching our way closer and closer to one monster North Dakota buck in particular for the past 5 days.  We have 3 days left and a cold front...

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