Mystery Eight

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After a long rut week in Western New York, the guys at camp filtered out while Dave and Dean decided to stay for one last day.   Deer movement had been slow but they had high hopes of one last cruiser buck during this...


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The annual rut week at Camp Cutlet in New York is our favorite week of hunting season.  We spend the first week of November every year up in New York with the Tag N' Brag crew.  It seems like every year we take one go...

Tennessee Crush

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Couples that hunt together stay together right?  Well, this week we are traveling to Tennessee to visit Uncle J and the gang as they hold it down for Team Tag N' Brag during the month of October.  Anybody who knows Un...


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The first week of the season in Ohio can be one of the best times to fill a buck tag.  The mature bucks are still coming off their summer patterns, they aren't pressured from hunting season yet, and they still make th...

The Late Eight

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After David shot his ten point on night one of the trip, Dean took over in the hot seat for the remainder of the week.  It was a relaxing week in camp already have a deer down but the deer movement came to a halt for ...

The Perfect Ten

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North Dakota really has become our most anticipated hunt of the year.  Its hard to describe the atmosphere out there.  For us, we travel half way across the country to remote agriculture land and it is a feeling of fr...


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This was a first for us this week. With the new tractor we got we are finally able to fully develop our food plots from start to finish. Unfortunately, the soil around our property in New York is in desperate need of ...


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This week we prepared a new Redneck Blind location and continued to get our plots ready for spring and summer planting.

High Plot

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Man oh man has it been a struggle with these turkeys lately.  We can't figure out where they are or what they are doing.  We have had an encounter with the same jakes for a few days in a row and one of them might be j...

Turkey Lull

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It has been a very slow week in the turkey woods in both Ohio and New York.  Either way we were able to get good company out in the woods and make some new memories!  The turkeys will turn on soon.

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