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Cousin Jami has been the queen of youth season down in Tennessee for the last couple of years. This is her 2nd buck during youth season and 3rd buck all together as an 11 year old. This girl is cold blooded and she sure can shoot the rifle. Watch as she knocks down her best buck ever that she nick named “Donut”.

This is what hunting is all about. It’s not about killing something every time you go hunting. It’s about the time spent afield with family and friends enjoying what I like to call Gods country! The harvest is the bonus. The reaction this young lady has after a clean kill shot is priceless! It brings back good memories of my son Derrick Pool​​ and myself hunting when he was young. Congratulations young lady! Keep the hunting spirit alive!

You got that right! There is nothing better then getting the youth involved! Thanks for watching and thanks for the support. Keep it touch!