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March 19th, 2018


As we sit in the office today on a cold day here in Ohio we can’t help but get excitied for turkey season. We were remeniscing on some of our old turkey hunts and wanted to show you all this one we called Funky Chicken. This hunt was from 4 years ago! It was only our second season on, we didn’t have many companies that were “sponsoring” or backing us at the time and we really did not know much about turkey hunting yet either. However, as a hunter you learn to adjust and figure out ways to be “successful”. In here, Dean talks about a tactic that we call “Marco Polo”. It is a little cat and mouse game that we play with the turkeys when the game gets tough. We’ve been successful with it in the past but we have also screwed up many times in the process and tried to learn from each one of those mistakes. Either way, this is a hunt you have to check out. Enjoy Funky Chicken!